Demonstrating the healing power of the arts through spoken word, dramatization, live music, and visual art, SHATTERED GLASS is 'performance with purpose,' taking its participants on an unforgettable journey of healing and self-discovery.
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Launched in 2009, SHATTERED GLASS is the story of a woman named Shairi who disentangles herself from a toxic relationship in order to rediscover, in her words, "the smile of that girl in those pictures they say is me."

The story unfolds as Shairi awakens to her Divine Ancestral Muse whose inspirational words, "sung in my ear like a precious tune - musical, melodious," send her on a journey of penning poetry and song.  This discovery of gifts birthed from her soul, evokes a personal and spiritual transcendence that helps heal Shairi's wounds and introduces her to her True Divine Self for the very first time.

Shairi embodies the messages of our time - #timesup, #metoo, #timeisnow, #nomore.  She uses her art to stand triumphant in the face of abuse and allows the audience to witness firsthand the resilience of the human spirit.
"Hosting SHATTERED GLASS at our learning center was not only an honor, but provided a healing and empowering space for attendees.  Shaunelle and Kelley Nicole have touched on a creative, nurturing way of encouraging wounded souls and bringing awareness to others through theatrical reading, song and peace.  A definite must see."