SHATTERED GLASS is a multimedia stage presentation and workshop facilitated by author, Shaunelle Curry and singer/songwriter/recording artist Kelley Nicole. SHATTERED GLASS addresses sexism, misogyny, domestic violence and rape through spoken word, dramatization, live music and art. 
Taking its participants on a journey from experiencing a unique multi-media stage presentation consisting of live poetry, music, and visual art, to reacting and discussing its impact, to then creating and presenting their own works of art as therapeutic tools, this workshop helps build and develop core social-emotional competencies that ultimately lead to improved self-image and productive action.  SHATTERED GLASS engages the use of art as an instrument for successfully overcoming oppression and finding strength, healing, and empowerment in life.

At the end of each workshop, participants should have the following takeaways:

  • Increased critical thinking capacity
  • Increased knowledge-base on women's self-esteem and wellness
  • Tools, strategies and resources for setting goals and taking personal responsibility for one's life direction and emotions
  • A feeling of compassion for oneself and others and a more crystalized sense of positive identity
  • The beginning of a personal treatment plan, including a list of goals with strategies for acomplishing them
  • A specific strategy, with resources, for countering counterproductive beliefs and replacing them with productive beliefs that support personal success
  • A personal commitment statement
  • A personally autographed copy of Shairi's Journey
  • A personally autographed copy of Introducing...The Kelley Nicole
  • A sense of hope for the future and for one's capacity to excel
These workshops can be catered to a variety of topics, depending on the needs of the participants, school and program.
  1. Shaunelle Curry
    Shaunelle Curry, Founder and President of Media Done Responsibly (MDR), is an author, poet, professor, and advocate for women and youth. She received her bachelor's degree in Speech Communication and her Master of Arts in Education at Truman State University. In 2003, Shaunelle published her first book, SHAIRI'S JOURNEY THROUGH DARKNESS INTO LIGHT, a women's self-development toolkit. Shaunelle’s classes, workshops, and presentations have been conducted with Professional Organization of Women (POW), Sistah’s Book Club of San Diego, St. Paul’s Missionary Group, Women’s Club of Hollywood, L.A. County Human Relations Commission, the Women of Color Media Justice Initiative, the Women’s Leadership Project, as well as a variety of high schools, libraries, and private gatherings. Shaunelle is currently a Media Studies Lecturer in the Television, Film, and Media Studies Department at California State University Los Angeles and has been featured on radio broadcasts in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern CA, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. She is the recipient of the Excellence in Leadership in Business Award by the Bilal Center, and was recently honored by the California Community Foundation as an Unsung Hero of Los Angeles County.
  2. Kelley Nicole
    Citing the dynamic performing and songwriting influences of Stevie Wonder, Prince, Alicia Keys, India.Arie, Nikka Costa, and Erykah Badu, you’ll find Kelley Nicole at the charming intersection of a spunky funky attitude and an alluring R&B acoustic vulnerability. New Jersey born and Harvard educated, this singer/songwriter was formerly one of the lead vocalists for the critically-acclaimed Afro-funk band Soulfege (nominated for multiple Boston Music Awards and Independent Music Awards, as well as a featured performer at the NACA National Convention). She has performed around the world and in numerous venues and colleges across the US. She is one of the praise and worship leaders at Covenant Blessing Fellowship in Wilmington, CA and is a proud recipient of the 2016 Media Done Responsibly Award, honoring exemplars of humanity-centered media & community engagement.