Stage 1
Stages 1-2
Stages 1-3

Receiving & Responding
Introductory SHATTERED GLASS Workshop
(1 day, 2 hours)

Processing & Transcending
(1 day, 4 hours OR 2 days, 2 hours each)

Creating A Success Story...
Full SHATTERED GLASS Presentation & Workshop
(5 days, 2 hours each)

  • Multimedia presentation of SHATTERED GLASS
  • Q&A session and/or short discussion exercise
All elements of Stage 1, plus:
  • Pre and post assessment tool based on organization’s need
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Individual exercises
  • Small group activities
  • Interactive whole group activities
All elements of Stages 1 & 2, plus:
  • Dramatic reading/creative dramatics
  • Art
  • Vision Boards
  • Music & Songwriting
  • Dance & creative movement
  • Rally cheers
  • Personal Master Treatment plan
  • Individual presentations

Useful for:

  • Building social emotional competencies utilizing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principles
  • Demonstrating the educational & healing power of the arts
  • Women’s groups and National Women’s Month activities & events (March)
  • Victims and children of domestic violence
  • Denim Day activities (April – )
  • Domestic violence awareness, outreach, and activism (October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month)
  • Minority women’s groups
  • Youth empowerment, ages 12-24 (for any youth that have ever experienced or overcome any kind of struggle)
"I loved the use of word, music, visual art, and poetry to express the journey of healing.  I felt it represented the many layers & aspects of the healing journey, and able to speak to the deep emotions involved.  The music was amazing!  Great job!” – Carolyn Lumpkin, Director of Empowerment Programs, CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking)
"This was simply amazing.  Anything you produce I am willing to post to all of my friends and pass out flyers." - Marvin A.
"Touching.  Heartfelt.  Healing.  So many can relate.  Great writing.  Great journey.  Great songs.  Great organization.  Thank you for your work.” – Tina M.